Carving Pumpkins!!!

Here are some pictures of Kyle and Jax carving our pumpkins.

I let Jax draw on a pumpkin while Kyle was carving. And he loved it!

I hope everyone has a great day!! Check back later this week for more Halloween pictures.

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Jax 1st Haircut!

Sorry its been  a long time since I blogged, But check by later this week for Halloween pictures!!

Here are some picture of Jax getting his first haircut.

Here are a few more of Jax eating candy.

Sharing with Daddy!

Jax dropped his candy and Pete got it.

Then it was bath time!!

I hope everyone has a good week!!!

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Jax Birthday!

Ok I know I took lots of pictures of Jax 1st birthday, But he will only turn one once. So here are a few of him on his birthday.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!!!!!

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Jax’s 1st Birthday Party!!!

Here are some more pictures from Jax’s party!

Ok I know this is a super long post, But I had so many pictures from Jax party that I really liked. So I think this is all of them. Hope everyone has a great day!!

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Happy 1st Birthday Jax!!

One year ago today I fell in love with the most beautiful baby boy. Jax Alexander Austin 5lbs 2oz  18 in long.    Happy 1st Birthday Jax!! I love you so much.

My cousin Barbara told me when Jax was born to take a picture a week, Well I thought I would give it a try. As you will see its just everyday snap shots, But there are a few that Barbara took for me. ( you will be able to tell the ones she took. ) I am so glad I took these I love to look at how much he has grown each week.Now that he is a year old I am going to start taking monthly pictures.


 Happy 1st Birthday Jax!!!!

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Jax 1st Birthday Party!!

This past weekend we had Jax’s birthday party. He had a such a  great time.  Here are some of the pictures.

Jax with Mama Treva and Poppish.

Jax and Milmaw

Jax and Pawpaw

Here is Jax’s Cake it was done by Daphne’s Bakery ( ) They did such a great job, Not only did it look great it was so good.

I will be posting more pictures later this week of some friends and family that were there.

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Happy Birthday Poppa, We love you!!!!

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